Photographs on the Dashboard.

Jason and 
Jennifer on formal night

That's me with my girlfriend Jennifer on formal night during our cruise from Tampa to Cozumel Mexico.

Taking a break from 

Jennifer and I are taking a break from dancing later on our formal night.

Jennifer and 
Jason dancing

Jennifer and I are dancing the night away on our cruise ship.

Mark, Jason, and 
Jeff golfing

That's Mark, me, and Jeff after hitting the links at Our Lucaya resort in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas Group

That's Jennifer, me, Reiko, Jeff, Mark, and Barb getting ready to head out for a night on the town during our trip to the Bahamas.

Atop the World Trade 

This was in New York city, where Doug (right), Mike (left), and I (middle) went to see Pearl Jam in concert at Madison Square Garden. As you can see, I'm sporting the new Pearl Jam tee the day after the show. We're atop the World Trade Center, and that's the Empire State Building in the distant background. We didn't intend to catch the old man's posterior in the picture. It's not the most sightly landmark, and we're not dishing out any royalties.

John, Jason, and Doug in 

That's John, me, and Doug walking the streets of Chicago.

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