E-book Conversion Services

E-book publishing offers a unique set of challenges, and producing professional quality e-books requires creative solutions and close attention to detail. I offer professional e-book formatting services for Kindle, Nook and other e-reader devices at very competitive prices, and I guarantee quality results.

What services do you offer?

I offer formatting services for books that are already in electronic form, such as PDF or Microsoft Word documents. All e-books are hand-crafted to ensure the highest possible quality. My e-books are not just rote copies of the print book, but are instead translations that provide the best experience on actual e-reader devices. I convert the book to clean XHTML source and produce EPUB and Kindle e-book files from that. When Kindle Format 8 becomes generally available I will also produce books in that format. The EPUB and Kindle files are delivered to you so that you may publish them to e-book stores of your choosing.

I do not offer OCR or text scanning services for books that are in printed form.

What features do your e-books provide?

All of the e-books that I produce are constructed with full support for all presentational and navigational features on common e-reader devices. This includes:

  • Optimized cover image embedded into the e-book. (I do not, however, do graphic design so you must provide me with a cover image.)
  • Active table of contents including links to content.
  • Navigation elements to enable "Go To" navigation, to quickly jump between sections of the book.
  • Reflowable text to allow readers to use their preferred fonts.
  • All images optimized for e-reader devices.
  • Full color on all devices that support color.
  • Manual inspection and optimization to ensure a high quality result.

What about advanced formatting?

For books that have more complex formatting requirements:

  • Footnotes are converted to endnotes, and fully linked in both directions.
  • Sidebars and technical content formatted elegantly in a cross-device compatible manner.
  • Tables are formatted as tables, since modern e-reader devices handle tables natively.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for e-book formatting is tiered based on the type of book to be formatted.

Tier Price Description
Tier 1 $0.50 per page Books that are mostly normal text and do not contain many images or other challenging layout elements, such as most works of fiction (excluding poetry) and narrative non-fiction.
Tier 2 $1.00 per page Books that contain images and possibly simple formatting such as bulleted or numbered lists. Many works of narrative non-fiction might fall into this tier.
Tier 3 $1.50 per page Books that contain more complex formatting, tables, footnotes, numerous images, etc., or works of drama or poetry that require special formatting for individual lines.
Tier 4 $2.00 per page Books that are more page-oriented and which have special formatting for elements on nearly every page. For example, scientific and technical works will often fall into this category due to large numbers of images, charts, figures, sidebars, computer code listings, etc.

If you are interested in using my e-book formatting services, please contact me at jason.voegele@gmail.com with details about the book to be formatted, and I will provide you with a quote.