Once Upon a When a Breath Blew

by Doug Mitchell

Once upon a when a breath blew
the soft petal taste of you
surrounding me,
enveloping me.
The shift of knowledge of who
and the consequences of why
became insignificant as each
folded into each other 
and tumbled to the ground
like a piece of crumpled
outdated newsprint.
The quiet singsong of the vast 
expanse of the stars overhead
burned with a bioluminecense
of untold myteries
whispering untold truths
not held self evident.

But this one truth came crashing
and rolling like waves at high tide,
the waters' silent roar deafening 
all around me to a single point
in a stunted field of view
of epiphanous overtures
as the angels continued 
their song started eons ago.
With a preemptive note 
of solidtude the song 
now leads to the curiosity
and what can only be described
as something,